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Lena Rivkin
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"As business people, we were skeptical about hiring a handwriting analyst, but Lena Rivkin came so highly recommended that we decided to move forward. As a result of Lena's training sessions, we have improved our hiring practices and have become more skillful in dealing with our real estate agents."
– Mel & Rita Berdelis, Broker/Owners, Prudential, 24 Hour Real Estate

"Lena Rivkin spoke at our annual business meeting at Pebble Beach Lodge. I found her presentation and private consultations informative and accurate. I was impressed with Lena's analytical abilities as well as her professional style."
– Dan Ewell, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter

"Lena Rivkin presents with wit, flair and intelligence- and we'll certainly invite her again to another of our conferences. Lena's interactive presentation provided us with a means to easily start conversations with potential business clients."
– Susan Murdy, Director, Strategic Communications Worldwide, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Lena Rivkin is a very insightful handwriting analyst who has provided enormous dimension to our personal and business events."
– Stanford Kurland, President, Countrywide Home Loans

"I found Lena Rivkin's handwriting analysis to be remarkably insightful, and a truly useful tool in understanding myself and preparing myself for future endeavors."
– Lloyd J. Short, Senior Vice-President, MacMillan Consumer Reference

"Lena Rivkin is a bright and skilled analyzer of handwriting, one who brings insight and entertainment to any group or event."
– Dan Wakefield, Novelist, Journalist, Screenwriter

"It delights us to get feedback from our guests weekly regarding the accuracy of Lena's analysis. Her intelligence, experience, and wisdom are obvious throughout her presentation."
– Dr. Anne Marie Bennstrom, Owner, The Ashram, Calabasas, California

"I feel proud and fortunate to have Lena Rivkin as a regular presenter for our guests, both at the spas and as a member of our Holiday Health cruise division."
– Sheila T. Cluff, Owner, The Oaks at Ojai & The Palms at Palm Springs

"Lena Rivkin is a dynamic and compassionate speaker. She combines a deep knowledge of her material with a refined sense of enthusiasm, style and sensitivity to our guests' needs."
Noah Rolland, Fitness Director, Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico