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Lena Rivkin

"Lena Rivkin spoke at our annual business meeting at Pebble Beach Lodge. I found her presentation and private consultations informative and accurate. I was impressed with Lena's analytical abilities as well as her professional style."
– Dan Ewell, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

"Lena Rivkin is a very insightful handwriting analyst who has provided enormous dimension to our personal and business events."
– Stanford Kurland, President, Countrywide Home Loans

"Lena Rivkin came so highly recommended. As a result of Lena's fantastic training sessions, we have improved our hiring practices and have become more skillful in dealing with our real estate agents."
– Mel & Rita Berdelis, Broker/Owners, Prudential

"I found Lena Rivkin's handwriting analysis to be remarkably insightful, and a truly useful tool in understanding myself and preparing myself for future endeavors."
– Lloyd Short, Senior Vice-President, MacMillan Consumer Reference

"Lena Rivkin is a bright and skilled analyzer of handwriting, one who brings insight and entertainment to any group or event."
– Dan Wakefield, novelist

"It delights us to get feedback from our guests weekly regarding the accuracy of Lena's analysis. Her intelligence, experience, and wisdom are obvious throughout her presentation."
– Dr. Anne Marie Bennstrom, Owner, The Ashram

"I feel proud and fortunate to have Lena Rivkin as a regular presenter for our guests, both at the spas and as a member of our Holiday Health cruise division."
– Sheila Cluff, Owner, The Oaks at Ojai

"Lena Rivkin is a dynamic and compassionate speaker. She combines a deep knowledge of her material with a refined sense of enthusiasm, style and sensitivity to our guests' needs."
– Noah Rolland, Fitness Director, Rancho La Puerta