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What is graphology?
Graphology is the study of the psychological makeup of a person through handwriting, (from the Greek word graphein meaning, "to write" and logos, meaning "to study"). A graphologist can determine the following from studying an individual's handwriting:

• Hidden aptitudes      
• Natural abilities
• Intellect
• Social behavior
• Self image
• Communication skills
• Integrity level
• Sexual drive
• Unconscious drives
• Mental health

Graphology can help you:
Avoid costly hiring mistakes
Reduce employee turnover
Obtain optimum performance from existing staff
Understand client needs and motivations
Enhance self-knowledge and discover talents
Better understand personal and business relationships
Determine partner compatibility
Facilitate career choices and guidance

Services available:
Pre-employment screening
Questioned document examination
Private consultations (including Zoom calls)
Annual meetings
Corporate retreats
Team building
Social functions
Fundraising events
Seminars and workshops
Gift certificates